Do Less, Be More


Are you too living under the illusion that there is not enough time? How often do we hear ourselves and other people say “I’m stressed, I don’t have enough time to this or that, etc…”? Saying or thinking exactly this actually makes it true. We then do not have enough time not because there would not be enough provided but because we put a constraint on the concept of the time. Our perception that there is not enough time is what creates tension which drives us to want to do more and more and we end up actually achieving less. This only happens because we constantly put this enormous pressure of “time” on ourselves. It is nor other people that stress us out or the many things we need to get done that steal our time, we are the ones who create this illusion and are then crushed by it.

How do we get out of this vicious circle? The next time you feel like you have not got enough time for all the items on your To Do list and you are already stressed just thinking about the day ahead try this: Get back on your yoga mat or meditation cushion and spend some more time getting quiet and turning inwards. While it might sound completely contrary to achieving all these things on “doing nothing” can actually help you accomplish more.

The reason there never seems to be enough time to do all the things we want and feel like we need to do is because we actually spend more time thinking and worrying about them than actually doing then. This does not only apply to people who like to procrastinate. Many of actually will waste a lot of mental effort on thinking about the outcome of a project or comparing it to the last experience we had when starting something new instead of actually beginning with that very task at hand right now. Time spent on your mat or in meditation will teach you to quiet the distractions about the past and the future and thus cut out the major obstacle to not accomplishing as much as we would like to.

Another phenomena that occurs through turning inwards is that we suddenly realise what is actually important. Before you know it your To Do list will be cut in half. Being still lets us see the what really requires our attention and helps us to let go off that, which is out of our control anyways. This kind of discernment will also help us to become more patient because instead of chasing after things we can allow ourselves to get into the flow where those things that are meant to be in our lives will naturally come our ways anyways.

Meditation practice also allows us to become still in the midst of turmoil which is a great skill to have in this “busy” world we have created. It means that we learn to not be drawn into other people’s stress anymore or get tangled up in their and also our own dramas. Becoming still is also another way of saying to stop being affected by the highs and lows of life so much, while still caring about what happens to us and others of course. But we won’t get caught in these emotional fluxes anymore; again leaving more time to attend to what really matters.

All in all, spending time on your mat or any other form of meditation sharpens your skill of differentiating what is truly important and what is not. By spending less time riding emotional roller coasters, chasing things we think we need and worrying about the past or the future we are left with more energy to put into what really matters. Maybe you will even discover that a good 90% of all that comes to mind is actually not really that important and when you learn to discard all that it will be filled with creativity, inspiration and the knowingness how to truly live your life and the energy to do exactly that.

As we start spending more times on what is truly important we will find that it is not so much about doing more but doing less, which means that we can spend more time just being. And for this we have all the time in the world.


– Carina

Photo Credit: davelawrence8

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