Are you still talking about enlightenment?


Yes, I admit. I am a nerd. I have always loved to read and if I am interested in a subject I will spend hours googling, reading through websites, blogs, books and talk to people to soak up as much information as I can get. I simply love acquiring information. However, what I do with it is another question. Even though I am absolutely fascinated by the stuff I learn about, I find that simply knowing information does not really get me anywhere.

Have you ever seen the TV show Hoarders that shows people’s houses and all the stuff they have often hoarded over decades? This is what I imagine the inside of my head could look like sometimes. Like a big space filled to the brim with information. Lots and lots and lots of it. Some of it a bit dusty, some of it freshly acquired. Just like a real hoarder might have experienced, there are so many things though that I often forget what I actually have acquired and where I put it. So sometimes I simply forget and I do not know where I put my information. Thus, actually a lot of times all my knowledge is unavailable to me because I cannot figure out how to navigate around in this jungle.

Maybe some of you can relate to this scenario just a bit? (If you do, drop me a line. It would be a relief to know I am not the only mad-head out there ;) There must be people who do feel similar. After all, I did not come up with the term to “clear your mind”, but I can relate to the necessity of doing so. Sometimes it dos feel like there is too much clutter up there.

Somehow though, I am sure, there must be a way to put it to use. What if the hoarder started using all his 500 stamps in his stamp collections and everyone in his family and extended family would suddenly get a letter from him? He made use of his stuff. The same then must be true for the vast amount of knowledge I am sure we all have. It could become useful if we actually put it to practice. There must be more to it than trying to impress others with it and just sound super smart.  The potential trap for any writer, thinker, and self-proclaimed philosopher (myself included) is to get stuck in all this knowledge and head business and never actually create anything with it. If we do not put the theory into practice nothing happens.

For example, we might know how to clean the bathroom and we can talk to others about it and post 50 most inventive ways to clean your bathroom all over the net but at some point we will still have to get up, stop posting and just clean it. The same goes for anything else in life, such as eating healthy, exercising more, working less and spending more time with family. In every case we will have to take some actions. It looks like that in all areas of life if we want a result we will have to do something.

Yet, there is one area that is different and as paradox as it may seem that is where life actually happens. It is a place beyond theory and practice. It is not about possessing the knowledge nor is it about using the knowledge. It is about not needing the knowledge. It is the hoarder who instead of sending off 500 postcard to use up all his stamps just decides to get rid off them. It is about being 100% comfortable in an empty space without the need to fill it up.

This is where enlightenment comes in. There is no better way than getting stuck on the road to enlightenment than constantly thinking about it and trying to do it. The more we think we know what spirituality is the less spiritual we actually are. Now, of course I can only recommend reading, studying and sharing about these topics (after all, this is what most of my work evolves around) but then comes the time where we have to just let it all go. First we could use and test the knowledge we acquire in this process or else it will collect dust just like the hoarder’s stamp collection. But once we have taken inventory of it all it is time to throw it all out.

Because, guess what? We cannot have, think or do enlightenment. We can only be enlightenment. By throwing out all the knowledge we have we get to see that there is actually just empty space that only exists right here, right now. This is the only place you can and need to be. To be present in this very moment makes you more spiritual than talking about it will ever do. The most spiritual you can be is when you are being it without trying to. Look at babies, or dogs. They just are. They are always right here in this present moment without having to consciously think about wanting to be or how to become present. All they do is be. True enlightenment is not about thinking or doing it is just about being.

Be joy, be light, be love!




Photo Credit: John McSporran

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