Why not living our truth is detrimental 


… to ourselves and those around us

Living in our truth is about not doing the things our minds tell us but to listen to our intuition. Sometimes though our intention lets us know that it is time to change something we have become so familiar with, wether it be a job, a relationship, an old habit we have acquired a long time ago, a certain diet or a belief systems we have been gripping on to. We might get a hunch that we are supposed to take a different path than the one we thought we ought to take. Often our intuition may tell us things that are contrary to our logical reasoning. That is because intuition operates on a higher frequency than the intellectual mind. To perceive something with your intuition opens dimensions for you that the logical brain cannot understand. It is not supposed to.

Often the messages we receive intuitively are about taking actions that are contrary to ones we have taken before. Due to this unfamiliarity they might scare us. When we start to follow our intuition nevertheless we begin to cultivate qualities like courage and trust. Being courageous is daring to face our fears and walking through them instead of around them and trusting is the knowingness that even though we cannot see the outcome quite yet whatever it will be is exactly going to be alright. When we trust we no longer need to control the outcome of our actions. We simply are free to follow our inner guidance. Even most importantly though, listening and acting upon our intuition is the key to healing ourselves and spread this same energy around us.

On the same token the opposite is also true. If we allow fear and the need to control to stop us from acting on our innate wisdom we become sick and carry this dis-ease into everything we do and everywhere we go. For example, think about being stuck in a job that you actually hate. You might have read things about controlling your thoughts and your mind to control your external environment and with all your might you try to think positive about your job. Deep inside you know though, you are supposed to be doing something else. You are supposed to use your gifts and creativity in a completely different way. However, you keep ignoring this little voice inside of you and try even harder to just be positive but the inner conflict you are feeling shows in everything you say and do and starts to affect other people. By not being true to yourself you are not only poising yourself but you are also spreading that poison around you. You begin to affect your environment negatively, others feed of your negativity and it becomes even harder for you to be positive in this negative environment you created by not taking the responsibility to act authentically.

The same it true if you are in a relationship. Have you ever been with somebody because you did not want to hurt them or felt a responsibility to take care of them? Well, guess what, this motive in itself is probably the most harmful you could have. By not honestly facing up to your knowingness, which might mean to walk away from a relationship you are not only preventing yourself to create your authentic life, you are impacting on another person’s chance to live in their truth. This might mean, yes, people need to part and while it might hurt in the moment it could be the best possible situation. Remember, trusting is about being able to let go of the outcome. We actually have little control over outside circumstances when we force situations to be the way our ego perceives it to be. When we begin to listen to our innate wisdom we actually transcend the need to create our external environment to our own liking. We simply start to live in a place of acceptance and find that everything is as it is supposed to be. Thus we are healed and spread healing around us.


– Carina

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