Stripped Away


In the journey of getting to the deepest part of you, your true essence, your radiant self there seem to be so many obstacles. Layer after layer needs to be pulled away before your true self can start to shine through. What are these layers? Patterns, beliefs, defences mechanisms we have acquired in this lifetime and many lifetimes prior. Letting them go is easier said than done, for sometimes we have to dig deep into the layer and really get to know the fabric it is made out of.

Loosing these layers that act like security blankets can be scary. You might feel vulnerable, naked, open, RAW. Why is there so much pain involved with letting go off something so familiar yet so inauthentic and destructive? Because there is a certain security in the known and a fear of the unknown. Being stripped of everything you thought you were can be a frightening process but a necessary one if you want to discover your true inner self. Of course, you can choose the easier softer way and keep on being a facade but eventually the feeling of emptiness will become more unbearable than the temporary discomfort of letting go of the familiar.

While the soul yearns for freedom the ego seeks for control. When the ego is loosing control it reacts in its familiar ways: fear, anger, and hurt. What you must know though is that none of it is real: Fear is but an illusion and pain is but an illusion. There is nothing more beautiful than showing you raw true self. That means your vulnerability and your soft inner core.

The journey of self discover is meant to soften those outer sharp edges to get to the core of who you truly are. And you are so much more than the mistakes you have made in your life, the relationships you had, the knowledge you have acquired, the school you went to, and the career you have chosen. You are in your true essence a being of light that is here to experience the pain of holding on to things and the same pain that is involved in letting go off things. You are here to learn how to transcend so you can realise you are the light. And when you are in the light you will see that everything is truly okay.

Don’t be afraid to be raw, to be vulnerable, to let go, to show your authentic self and to know you are not alone in your journey.


– Carina

Photo Credit: Live Life Happy

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