Stopping the war about food


or “Why fighting for ideals does not make the world a better place”

The Vegan Society of Germany has a Facebook Page that posts articles, pictures, etc. related to all things vegan. The other day they shared a documentary a German TV show has produced on the topic of Veganism. To admit, the presenter and the whole clip seemed pretty biased and did not discuss the subject in a particular neutral way. Needless to say that advocated of a vegan lifestyle felt offended by this video and shared their opinions in all kinds of, some even very insulting and condescending, comments to attack the meat industry and people who are not vegan. (If you understand german check the whole story out here)

Now, as you probably know from reading this blog, I am a big advocate of a raw, vegan, holistic and wholesome lifestyle myself and I believe in the important of a plant-based diet but I could not help but sense that this is not the right way either. Of course it is beautiful to see that people are gaining more awareness about what goes into the food they eat and start to make different food choices in this process.

I also get that it might not be fair to insinuate that everyone who chooses to be vegan or raw is actually attacking those who aren’t choosing this lifestyle for themselves. However,  judging from the reaction of some of the people who have embraced the vegan lifestyle this might actually be a valid assumption. There is a lot of criticism, right and wrong, black/white thinking coming from both sides in this whole matter.

To say that everyone who is vegan, raw, or what might have you, thinks they are better and secretly judge those who eat meat or other kinds of food would only be half true. Yet, to see that everyone who is not vegan judges or criticise those who are is also only not the whole story.

If we are really concerned about the food industry feeding us with more artificial sugars, meat, grains and the like than is good for us and we would like to present veganism, vegetarianism, raw foodism, etc, as a healthy alternative there might be a more effective and positive way than running around promoting it and forcing it on people.

I can completely relate to anyone who is confused about how and what they should be eating and who feels stressed out while they are trying to decipher what the “right” diet looks like. I haven’t seen a Facebook site, have found a magazine, have read an article, or have gone to a fair yet where people would have discusses both sides of the coin in a completely unbiased and objective manner. I also haven’t heard yet that people are encouraged to make an informed decision based on the objective information and at the end of the day trust their own intuition.

Does it really make you a better person if you never eat a single egg in your life again?  Are you automatically a bad person if you enjoy the taste of cheese?  I personally believe you can eat what you enjoy without being an unethical, unmoral, fat, gluttonous, and unaware person.

Isn’t the beauty of becoming more aware that you wake up to the reality that you can make choices that are right, ethical and authentic for YOU and that you can stand behind with integrity? And if you are coming from that standpoint, no matter what you do, you will no longer feel the need to persuade people to your point of view or fight violently (in speech or deed) for what you think is right. When you have found your own truth that you can live in comfortably you can allow others to find and live theirs. Not just about food but with everything else in life as well.

Let’s put down the weapons on both sides; let us go off fear, come out of ignorance and allow other people to make their own choices and treat them with respect. By doing that the external will automatically change to the better for us all. Let’s put down the idea that we are right and they are wrong and let us express our way of life in a sensible manner without crossing other people’s boundaries.


– Carina

Photo Credit: .craig

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