Free yourself from Judgement


Next time you have a judgmental thought about someone or something consider if it actually serves you or the other person. Not just because of the negative vibration you create in your own mind but because of some other harmful implications judging others has on your own life.

When we judge others we are actually taking away from our own freedom to make decision in our life. Imagine, for example, you are judging not only one person but maybe a whole group of people for their lifestyle choices. Are you condemning people for their dietary choices? Are you secretly or openly judging people who date men and women double or half their age? Or do you often think “I could do x, y, and z so much better than this person”, or “they are doing x, y, and z completely wrong”. Well, of course we are all entitled to our own opinion but this attitude might one day come back and hurt us.

How? Perhaps one day life will confront us with a situation where we are asked to make a choice about exactly something we judged other people for. Imagine falling in love with someone much older than you when you previously judged people for that? Being completely convinced about what is wrong or right in this world takes away from the freedom to see what else is out there. Maybe there are other ways of being in this world and living this life as what we hitherto believed possible.

When judging others we live in a place of ignorance, self-righteousness and control, which is simply all built on fear. As the opposite vibration of fear is love letting go off judging others (and also ourselves) will automatically change how we experience our own lives. The world will become a less hostile place simply because we are changing our vibration and attitudes.

Letting go off judgement might be easier said than done but like everything in life it becomes easier with practice. Becoming aware of judgemental thoughts is a good beginning and meditation is a great tool to start identifying what is really going on in our minds. If we want to go further we can examine ourselves why we have all this judgement and might find behind it our own fears, insecurities and worries. Fear is but an illusion so maybe we are then ready to simply wish them farewell and no longer allow theses thoughts to control our life.

It takes a bit of patience and continuing awareness and acceptance of ourselves but with time it will get easier. Plus, as we are building on the vibration of love this energy will do the rest and help us let go off fear and judgement when we are not able to do it ourselves. Simply start by setting the intention and enjoy the freedom that follows.


– Carina

Photo Credit: Gabe Austin

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