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Many of us are probably familiar with alternative medicine and holistic treatments as a way of treating disease instead of using the standard approach of western medicine. However, are these two different ways of healing really so different from each other? They might use other methods, for example herbs instead of pills or pulse diagnoses instead of radiological scans as a diagnostic tool. Also, as the name implies, a holistic treatment is not only targeted to the physical body but also takes emotional and psychological factors of healing into account and offers support in that way.

Yet, no matter which approach we choose the sad truth is that we are actually really  only focusing on the disease itself. Wether we are the kind of person who invests time and energy into finding the right pill, the right kind of chemical treatment or is waiting for the right surgery to fix them up again, or we are the person who is going from one TCM doctor to the next, seeking out Ayurvedic treatments, the right yoga class, the right kind of energy healing and tries all different ways to balance out our chakras we are actually no different. Our approach to healing lies in wanting to get rid of the disease. We just use different ways of going about this business.

What if, however, trying to get rid of the disease will never change anything? It might bring a temporarily relief of the symptoms but we cannot cure illnesses as long as we think of ourselves as sick people.

There is an amazing interview with Gregg Braden, a traditional western trained scientist who describes that science is now starting to be able to explain things that spirituality long upholds as truths. An amazing point he was making is that, as science has now proven the existence of the quantum field in which one particle can exist at two different places at the same time, we have a choice of our reality.

Relating this back to healing and treating illnesses, there is one reality in which we choose to focus on the disease and treat it with whatever way we choose to but at the same time there is a different reality in which, if we choose it, we can decide to look past the disease. We can actually create the possibility of a healthy person, on all levels; physical, emotional, and spiritual if we only choose it.

What does this mean for us right now? It means that healing is not about treating an illness, it means that healing is the recognition and the manifestation of a state of absolute wholeness. When we transcend the need or desire to treat a physical, mental or emotional, ill-alignment we move into a place of wholeness where we realise that we are already healed.

Of course, instead of taking medication, hormones, having surgery or any of the like I would rather treat any illness I have with alternative solutions such as meditation, yoga, pranayama, dancing, exercise, energy healing, a healthy diet, etc. etc. But the realisation that neither of this option is really about healing as long as they are a means to an end, brought me to look at the RAWlternative. What if we danced, meditated, practiced yoga, ate healthy, exercised and simply had fun to celebrate life and to enjoy our existence and regarded all these things as an end in itself, rather than as something we have to do to heal. What if healing is simply about recognising the option of being whole and choosing to life in a way that lets us connect with this truth.

I am convinced that if we stopped worrying about how to best treat our diseases and gave all our attention to the part of us that is already whole and the parts of our life that are overflowing with abundance, joy and love our diseases would simply disappear. Whatever we focus on increases automatically, so why don’t we start focusing of all that is already well?

We have the possibility of being that healthy, radiant and glowing person we were meant to be. We just have to choose it and rather than making it a treatment to get rid of what we don’t want we can make it a way of life to celebrate all that what we truly want in our lives.


– Carina

PS: In case you missed the link above ;) check out Gregg Braden’s interview here. I highly recommend it.

Photo Credit: Matt Reinbold

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