On the path


Starting to live from your true inner self can be a scary journey. To find your life’s purpose and to get to your raw core requires the letting go off pretty much everything we have hitherto believed to be true. On the path to finding ourselves we are often confronted with ideas of how we, other people and our lives should really be like. Going contrary to this creates tension and this tension is something we can feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your body may ache, fear and doubt may nag away at you but really these are only symptoms that you are entering into a new way of being. Of course it is uncomfortable to let go off everything you have known before and the way you used to live your life and to enter into something unknown and completely trust something we cannot see yet.

However, you will be able to feel it. Part of getting to a place of living from the centre of our very being is that we no longer need our minds to navigate through this world. Rather we will use our feelings and they don’t lie. When the mind and the emotions are in unison they meet at the heart centre which is that new space we are starting to live from. So that mind that tells you to turn back on your journey and to go back to your old ways is just the frightened ego that is losing control over you.

When you get into that space practice tuning into your heart. What do you hear here? A gentle reassurance that you are on the right path? A whisper to just be patience and to trust? Even though you might not be able to see your vision clearly at the moment and you are just following a gut instinct that you need to change something (or everything) in your life) and that something is you, simply go with it. The vision will become clear as you go along, the picture will start to take shape and the veil will slowly lift.

There are many other people who are on a similar journey and they can reassure you that this is the right path. By confronting your deepest fears you will see that they were nothing but shadows in the first place, by walking through valleys of doubt and despair you will come out into the light of hope and fight and your endurance and discipline will be rewarded with getting to a place of love.

On the path to yourself you will awake to the truth of oneness and your connection to the source and that everything else is but an illusion.

With a bit of courage, patience, trust and perseverance we get to live in freedom, love and pure consciousness.


Photo Credit: Ralf Bruggmann

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