Connecting Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions – Part 1


This post started out as some thoughts on the Law of Attraction, inspired by two videos I watched recently.


As I started writing one idea flowed into the next the article has now turned into a little of series of highlighting the connection between our Thoughts (Ego/Lower Mind), Feelings and Subconsciousness (Higher Mind). Since a lot could be written about this and the inspiration just keeps flowing it makes sense to break it apart and leave a bit of room and time for digesting. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing :) As always, your comments, input, feedback is more than welcome!

Without farther ado, let us get right into it:

Have you gotten to a point of complete frustration with this so called Law of Attraction? Would it not be time by now to have the partner/career/kids/house/life/etc… of our dreams after all these affirmations, positive thinking and reading inspirational quotes we have been doing? Maybe it has not seemed to work because the Law of Attraction is not like writing a wish-list for Santa Claus. Yet, you have probably manifested exactly what you have been asking for; not with the thoughts of the lower mind (that are concerned with “I want”, “I need”, “I ought to have”) but with the emotions of your subconscious mind. When we want A  (lower mind) but really sense B (subconscious mind) we are always going to get B because our thoughts might actually not be as important as we always hear they are.

If you too can’t seem to get aways from inspirational quotes everywhere, the vast information on leadership and life coaching skills and publications on “How to become the best version of yourself” and the like, you might have heard the contrary. Thoughts create our reality, right? Thus, we should learn to control them for they become our life. Well, yes and no. It is not as black and white as we would like to think because Thoughts are connected to Emotions and Feelings and the complex interplay of these three components influence one another in creating our reality.

Do we, for example, get up in the morning to go to work because our ego (lower mind/thoughts) or our subconsciousness (Higher Mind) give this impulse. Since we think about doing it, it must come from the mind. Really? Consider this: How many times do you wake up actually thinking, “yes I so desperately want to go work today” Unless you are one of the lucky ones whose subconscious mind and thinking mind are in sync (which I am going to get to) your first thought might be something different; something concerning your ego mind would like to have to feel better. The reason we eventually do end up at our desk or workplace, despite what we are thinking and feeling is because it has become embedded in our subconscious mind that we do so.

One way to instil information in our subconscious mind is through repeated action. When we perform a certain action over and over again it one day becomes part of our subconscious mind. Hence, you might wake up not thinking you want to go to work but end up doing it anyways because your subconscious mind has been programmed accordingly (through action and other things). Now, because the ego likes to attach to things it will eventually start to identify with the behaviour and therefor it will become easier to just do the action.

So, one component that bridges our thoughts and our subconscious mind is our behaviour or action. We are crediting the ego too much with being able to run our life because, and this is where it gets circular, it has become part of our subconscious believes that it can do so. Yet, when we begin to act differently at any given time we will set a chain reaction in motion that will start to shift some our thoughts and the subconsciousness.

It gets a little more complex though, so stay tuned for the next part in which we will look at the limitations of our behaviour alone to transform the subconscious mind.



Photo Credit: Andrew Forgrave

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