Who could we be if we just let go off our stories?


Why are so many of us
invested in weaving
each and every experience into a fabric we call our life

And how much of it is actually lost
because we are so focused on arranging the threads of
this web we use as our identities

How much do we spoil the essence of our experiences with our concern for labelling them;
good – bad, right – wrong, happy – sad

Why is it
that instead of just letting life be
we struggle to make it fit
to make it right
to get rid of what we don’t want and to get more of what we do want

What could our life be like
if we stopped for just one single moment?

What if, it took only one act of surrender
to tear the fibres of the stories we have become
to be freed from this entanglement

If we stopped weaving together the strings
of whatever has happens to us
and whatever others have done to us
we would be free
from the knots we call our reality

Why are we so afraid of cutting the threads of our existence
when only stripped down to our core
we will be able to feel
the breath of life against our skin
and when only
we dare to undress from our identities
we will discover the essence of life that lies underneath

– Carina

Photo Credit: Shannon Kringen

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