Welcome to Rawlternative!

Rawlternative is more than just a platform for people who embrace the idea of a raw lifestyle and are interested in a raw food diet. It is also for those who wish to embrace an alternative, more wholesome, holistic, natural, organic, sustainable and simpler lifestyle.

The shift to a more plant-based and less processed way of eating can have a domino affect and radically shift your perspective. Rawlternative is about making the connection between beginning to question our diets and observing the effect food has on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and an increasing sensitivity and awareness to the world around us.

Living “raw” is a choice to become conscious. It is not just about about uncooked food. It is about living raw, authentically from within, with deep respect towards ourselves, others and Mother Nature.

Please feel free to share your experiences about living a “rawlternative” life, by posting comments or getting in touch per email, as together we can encourage each other on our “raw” journeys.

Rawlternative is a raw project; it is alive, shaped by those who give input, growing organically, reflecting the beauty of pure, raw essence and diversity of the world we live in.

Enjoy digging deep to the “raw” core.

Love & Light

Photo Credit: ProFlowers