Not another blog about raw food

As you may have gathered by now this is not just another blog about the raw food diet. Rather this platform is much more about the idea of being raw. To me this means to get to our core, to awaken to what we truly are and to discover our innate, powerful potential. To be raw means to be authentic, honest, and real.

In terms of food eating raw does not only have to be about non-cooked food but also about eating real, plant-based, unprocessed food that has authentic flavours, texture and the minerals and vitamins it is supposed to have.

Being honest and authentic requires us to be able with what is within and around ourselves. It is the ability to be real enough to hurt when you are hurting, to be vulnerable when you are feeling vulnerable and to be joyful when you are feeling joy and to stand in your true power when it is time to be powerful. It is about accepting ourselves as we are, right here, right now, without judging.

Being raw is also about honouring. On one side we can honour our food, which can mean we do not want to cause harm to secure our own survival and to know where our food comes from and how it has been made. On the other side honouring also means to be in tune with our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritually needs, respecting them and acting accordingly. This, again, in terms of food means to care for ourselves with the food our body truly does ask for and not what we believe the right or wrong way of eating is.

Thus, Rawlterantive does not claim to give answers to the One Right Diet as I do not believe there are absolute truths about something so complex as nutrition and others lifestyle choices. The only truth there is, is the one inside each and everyone of us. This truth, if we choose to seek and live according to it, will allow us to live up to our fullest potential and catapult us to a freedom we can only understand by experiencing it.

Rawlternative is meant to provide some of the tools to live more authenticallyinspire you to be more honest with yourself and others, encourage you to get over your fears of being real and discover your truth.

With Love & Light

– Carina