Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a wonderful form of energy healing that allows you to completely relax on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The flow of the universal life force Reiki through your body loosens and transforms any blockages. Everything that is holding us back to attached to seeing who we really are is gently removed, allowing us to get back to our authentic self.

The Reiki practitioner is a clear channel for the energy and helps to direct the energy flow to exactly where it is needed at that very moment.

During a Reiki treatment you can let go completely and simply enjoy the healing, refreshing and relaxing flow of energy that lets you rest in a meditative state of deep relaxation.

I am offering distance healing or one – on – one sessions at the Bali Yoga Studio in Vienna.

Contact me to book a session or get more information. Please include a phone number and I will give you a call to set up an appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.