Celebrate life and heal


Many of us are probably familiar with alternative medicine and holistic treatments as a way of treating disease instead of using the standard approach of western medicine. However, are these two different ways of healing really so different from each other? They might use other methods, for example herbs instead of pills or pulse diagnoses […]

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Some thoughts on Freedom


We live in an exciting time where more and more people are beginning to question the way they live their lives and where they place priorities. Maybe you are one of those people and maybe you might have been experiencing an ever-rising inner urge to simply be free. But free from what? Free from responsibilities, […]

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Mirror, mirror on the wall


Everything we see on the outside is a reflection of us. How we perceive the world mirrors back our ideas, believes, emotions, judgements and expectations. Especially in relationship with others- and not only romantic relationships – we get to see aspects of ourselves. Knowing this is actually the key to changing our entire world. When […]

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