On the path


Starting to live from your true inner self can be a scary journey. To find your life’s purpose and to get to your raw core requires the letting go off pretty much everything we have hitherto believed to be true. On the path to finding ourselves we are often confronted with ideas of how we, […]

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Stripped Away


In the journey of getting to the deepest part of you, your true essence, your radiant self there seem to be so many obstacles. Layer after layer needs to be pulled away before your true self can start to shine through. What are these layers? Patterns, beliefs, defences mechanisms we have acquired in this lifetime […]

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About Love


As we travel along in life there are many people who cross our path. Some are meant to walk along side us for a long time while others may accompany us for only a short time. There are those people too who are very present in our lives and still others who we only see […]

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